Advert of the year !

Every once in a while, comes an ad that shakes you up, give goosebumps-  goosebumps of joy and delight. And draws you to watch it, again and again! This cleverly made ad, without a doubt, gets my  vote for it as the ad of the year. Join me in enjoying this beautifully made ad, with an enigmatic smile, a nudge, and a fast paced ending! Kudos to #audi  The #audi#advertisement that says it all: The lady’s monalisa smile keeps you guessing till the very end ; and the ad doesn’t say a word, yet says it all. Hurrah for the women of Saudi Arabia, and hurrah for #women the world over… Lets grab our #audi s too, and revel in the taste of freedom behind the wheel. Let the #audi take all women places, give them wings, to wherever they want to fly! Regards Aina Rao, the ambling indian – Quirky reads on India and...

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