innovative i-day bandsAnother Independence day happened. The place was awash with flags of all sizes, from miniature ones adorning the coat lapels, to gigantic ones fluttering happily from flag poles, flying full mast.

And this year was no different. At least, that’s what I thought, initially. Politicians made impressive speeches, trumpeting their measly successes and populist schemes ; kids performed to patriotic songs, adults devoured sweets, all in the spirit of freedom.

But, a closer look revealed more. This year was different indeed. I found, for the first time maybe, a very creative, motley mix of souvenirs, ranging from headgears, caps, scarves and other accessories, specially created for the I day, the signs of a very innovative India. Some of the shops even had their window displays complete with tri-colour t-shirts, bright enough to make our freedom fighters so happy, even today, well after they’ve gone.

The ones to catch my attention, though, were the wristbands. A colourful saffron-white and green elasticated combo, serving as a nice accessory, a somewhat unusual bracelet. And available literally at the doorstep, at the local grocery shop. So swayed was I , that four of these ( yes- four!) found their way into the shopping basket. And now that I am in possession of somewhat a largish number of these bands, I must find creative ways of using them. They do prove pretty useful though! To wipe off the sweat when its too hot, or to support the wrist when carrying heavy loads. Even to display the patriotic feeling, once in a while.

So what if I-day is long gone. Flaunting these wristbands, I continue to be a proud “ambling Indian”!


Aina Rao,

The amblingindian.


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