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“Amblingindian” is the common man, common woman, “aam aadmi” or ”aam aurat” of India. Much like the common man of RK Laxman , the amblingindian ambles around India, keenly observing everything around her, and writing about it on her blog , in her own quirky way.

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Aina Rao is an alumnus  of the Oxbridges of the East (IIT and IIM ), who lived and worked in London before relocating to beautiful Bangalore. She is a Financial Services Professional by training, and a writer ( genre-humour), a singer( Bollywood ) by passion. She writes and sketches as the ambling indian, the aam aadmi, aam aurat, common man or common woman of India, bringing out the fun and the joy of being here.


She is available to write guest columns and speak on various topics, or host sessions with special reference to the Indian context, including “ Innovation”, “ Humour”, “Life”, and “Ethics” .

Aina Rao is a silver medalist from IIT Delhi, and has worked in the Financial services industry for several years as a fund and investment manager. She has written for various publications including

Financial Times Advisor,London

Inmarkets, London

She has been a blogger for Msn.in, writing editor’s picks and is now writing a series of hilarious books on India, the first one titled AMBLING INDIAN.

She lives with her family, the amblingindians, in the heart of Bangalore – both rural and urban. Read more to know more..


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