Walk in the park






On a clean and nippy Sunday morning

With the morning mist-fresh as dew

I set out, battling the ubiquitous traffic,

To reach a place- not so new


A place where walkers congregate

And runners abound- in the morning hour

Where street dogs, people and birds feast,

A heavenly escape from the city’s polluted air


Cubbon park- a marvel of wondrous green, woods and walks

An oasis of peace and calm- hundreds of acres, so vast

Standing  in the heart of congested Bangalore,

Wishing fervently- if only the peace, for ever, could last


I wonder, as I walk through the park

What vision to have created this bountiful place

This expanse of green, of lush flora and fauna,

Was it one man’s foresight, or just God’s Grace


The British general –“ Meade” they said

Imagined and shaped this place of delight

Did he envision, even then, how it would,

Continue now and forever as a beautiful sight


Decades and centuries later, we continue

To relish its multifaceted charms as before,

Looking at it again, i wonder

Why aren’t there, of these, any more?


Oh ! destiny- living in the past are we

Only building concrete jungles by uprooting trees

Until one day, may come the question ,

For lack of breathable oxygen,

For all Bangaloreans – To be or not to be?



Aina Rao , the amblingindian

(A common woman of India who loves to discover,celebrate and enjoy  as she writes)


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Author: Aina Rao

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