Advert of the year !

Every once in a while, comes an ad that shakes you up, give goosebumps-  goosebumps of joy and delight. And draws you to watch it, again and again! This cleverly made ad, without a doubt, gets my  vote for it as the ad of the year. Join me in enjoying this beautifully made ad, with an enigmatic smile, a nudge, and a fast paced ending! Kudos to #audi

 The #audi#advertisement that says it all:

The lady’s monalisa smile keeps you guessing till the very end ; and the ad doesn’t say a word, yet says it all.
Hurrah for the women of Saudi Arabia, and hurrah for #women the world over… Lets grab our #audi s too, and revel in the taste of freedom behind the wheel. Let the #audi take all women places, give them wings, to wherever they want to fly!

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Author: Aina Rao

1 thought on “Advert of the year !

  1. Dearest Aina,
    Yes! I too felt that this advertisement is Brilliant in its simplicity!
    I am having the privilege of living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during this historical phase of winds of change in the country’s history-and a very exciting one at that! Not just for them but for expats like me. I can see that the country is changing at a very fast pace in every way.
    Really appreciate King Salman to have decreed these winds of change against the very established culturally deep rooted and unfair (from an expat point of view) practices.
    I AM your new FAN
    and also a fellow resident at RBD
    Arundhathi @ 248

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