From the Virushka Wedding

From the Virushka Wedding

Of late, i have been watching a lot of the snippets released from the Virat- Anushka wedding. Not that one is into celebrity gossip ( thats never me !) but just out of curiosity, now that the headlines are so glaring and unavoidably staring at one and all ,from every social media channel…

And so, here are the ambling indian’s snippets or nuggets of wisdom on the whole do-da…

1. The wedding was very discreet- at least , it was meant to be, until the media got a whiff of it. In complete contrast to the regular Big fat Indian wedding, there was no show-sha before; with the couple even denying the whole plan..

2. It was very classy- the venue in Italy @BorgoFinocchieto,, one of its kind, the flowery decor( made of elegant pastel roses )and the pictures, spoke of class and again, discreet spending. Never mind that it only cost about 13 lakhs a night.. the designer @devikanarain and the photographer are known for their classy wedding designs, so hats off to them and the celebrity couple for keeping it that way, not garish, no loud helicopters showering confetti or trumpets blowing loudly- but simply put, simply classic.

3. No dowry exchanged hands- Now this is a conjecture, but can you imagine the parents of Virat asking Anushka’s parents for a couple of millions, in exchange for their precious son and their wedding expenses? Just since he is the no 1. in Indian cricket? In fact, the whole thing seemed to be planned by the couple, with the parents really playing to their loving roles, and nothing more.

4. The conclusion- here is a couple, who met, supposedly at a photoshoot, liked each other, fell in love, decided to get married, kept it quiet, and planned everything very nicely, to the grand conclusion, without any parental tiffs about the price of their son, and so on…

This is how the gen next thinks, me thinks. Its time we learnt from them too- not to own or command the gen next- but let them be, and enjoy seeing them fly… Learn from the Virushka wedding, a wonderful example and a delightful affair !

Aina Rao
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