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A chance trip to Hyderabad brings back so many memories, being a kind of a second home ( or native place as it is popularly called) and so many new ideas. It is no coincidence that each time I visit a different city in India, I invariably marvel at the different fare it has to offer, by way of literature, art, music or simply gastronomic delights.

and so it Hyderabad happened to be on the menu recently. while Hyderabad is famous, no doubt for its Hyderabadi biryani ( a mouth watering spicy relish of rice and chicken ) and its Hyderabadi baingan, Karachi biscuits and more ( there I go again..rolling away), less is known of its cultural inclinations. Or so I thought until I was led into the light by the most enlightened residents of Hyderabad.

Tell me three things you like about this city, I went. And then I heard them all say the same thing .. 1) it’s relaxed.

2) it’s relaxed.

3) it’s relaxed.

Wow, can relaxed get ever more relaxed than this, ever?

and so I came back, completely relaxed.. even more so, that I had been to the newly found cultural hub- Lamakaan, right in the centre of town. Unknown till now, a small centre that exists just to promote the arts, and too for no gain, really. Little benches with mosaic tops in a cute little room to watch the shows. And a cute little canteen (can food for the body be far from food for the mind?), dishing out delicious samosas, accompanied by ginger tea, sitting in the gallery, watching the birds, and waiting for the next performance.

A motley mix of art/culture music and other shows. The funding, I’m told, comes from XXXXX. A novel way to promote culture.Lamakaan is an invention indeed for the new diaspora. Something to scale up through the rest of India?


Aina Rao,

the amblingindian


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