Top IITian- Sundar Pichai!

Does it matter if you make it to IIT* or not?

With millions of students writing the toughest JEE* entrance  exams recently and having got in or stayed out; and the latest Corporate announcement- IITian Sundar Pichai appointed the CEO of Google;  a moot question. Perhaps, it doesn’t. Many – Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, Steve Jobs and many more super-duper successful geniuses did not go to IIT. But, if you did go to IIT, you would realise, there’s something about it. Somethings really special, that are so worth iit too (Pun intended!)…

Five of the best things about IIT:

1)You make friends for life: Some of the best moments that you shared and the friends you made, will stay with you for ever. The hostel moments of fun, the class anecdotes, the sheer joy of being so closely knit a community stays with you for ever. And these friends also are the ones you continue with, in your journey, wherever you go in life.

2)You have memories that will make a dinosaur laugh: The crafty ways of bunking classes, late night vigils studying for exams (and still failing them), the bald professors–the ones who could get tricked so easily– the list goes on and on. You just have to meet your batchmates and they all come back to life. Some of them are so good, they even make it into top-of-the-chart- books (Three idiots for sure**!).

3)You become really, really tough: The four years of boot-camp like existence, with tough surprise quizzes, pressure from top-notch peers and others, makes you rather fit– to cope with the toughest stresses in life and come out tops.

4)You come down-to- earth very soon: No matter what chip- on-the- shoulder you arrive with (being on top of the world, having made it to IIT), you soon realise that you are a nobody- the sheer geniuses that surround you, show that you are literally, a nobody. And with that kind of realisation dawning at a very young age, you get rid of your ego (a useless burden anyway, in my opinion) very quickly too.

5)You become part of an unsurpassed network: With an alumni network of about a lakh IITians ; notable figures such as Sundar Pichai, Vikram Pandit, Raghuram Rajan and others leading the pack, you feel proud and truly blessed. And one of the best characteristics of this network is the sense of commonness, of belonging, of a ready- to- help-each-other attitude that comes with it. You may be the lucky recipient or the donor of the help–either way, you are an integral part of this unique ecosystem.

Not to forget, you do get a degree too at the end of your IIT sojourn. Provided you don’t fall in love with the place so much that you refuse to pass out (IIT lingo meaning-to graduate) ever..



Aina Rao,

The amblingindian.

*IIT- Indian Institutes of technology, the premier Engineering institutes in the country.

*JEE- Joint entrance exams – designed for admission to IIT

**Three idiots- the popular book based on IIT experiences


Author: Aina Rao

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  1. It’s a great feeling to learn or see IITans in the top positions which corroborates well with these excellent centres of learning.Also those IITians who are in not so good positions feel very much elated as and when such news comes out.

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