In justice we trust

Dear Salman, Raja and others,

Is it any wonder that all of you are now in front of bars and not behind? Your superman status, almost Godlike begets no less than worship from a whole load of people. And with your divine status, how can you ever be subject to

humanly justice ? Oh no, sir, that is for mere mortals . Invincible that you are , just like the Gods, one dare not question your actions in mowing down a set of people, in a fit of drunken stupor or amassing indecent amounts of ill-gotten wealth through the (mis) use of powers. For, who can question the Gods, regardless of what they do? Be it an avalance, a tornado, a tsunami or a quake, it is mortals who bear the brunt, for it must be destiny, karma or whatever you call it.

But never the fault of the Gods, for they are above all this. After all, how do you take to trial someone who is invincible, indefatigable, invisible and ephemeral? And so we must.. forgive and forget the actions of some politicians and poster boys, for God’s sake.  And let them loose, to unleash their power, indiscriminate though it may seem..

Pray for atonement , for our sins, for ever suspecting the Gods, who are above all, and will be forever …


Aina Rao



Author: Aina Rao

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