Eat, walk, see Bangalore

Kaikondranahalli lake at sunrise

Good morning, Bengaluru.

Today starts an innovative series on spending the weekends. This time it was time for just walking and seeing Bangalore. And discovering it bit, by bit. Followed by breakfast of course. What better way to spend a Sunday than with friends in tow. And that is how, I started off with the “Kaikondranahalli lake”. Wonder who named it that- Kaiko Run halli (Why run in the village) . A good excuse not to run, just to take a walk. And what a walk – around a beautifully rejuvenated lake. an amazing sight! Lots of birds, swampland and shimmering water to greet the senses. A calm placid breeze, the tender morning sun and dew dampened grass. A pack of stray dogs to greet.

This lake has been the benefactor of a focused effort to rejuvenate nature’s bounty right here in the city, and by a group determined not to allow it to be converted into another ugly concrete jungle. A group that doggedly pursued its dream and came up tops.

An innovative idea, to convert it into a walk-run- cycle or just meet around the lake track. Interspersed with a kids fun area, with lots of swings. And a musical corner dotted with drums to try out. an amphitheatre to boot. Lots to do, for everyone around. Or just sit and gaze, and feast the eyes on so many things of beauty- cranes, herons, the black- billed platypus, eucalyptus, reeds and plain, calm, pure,refreshing water too. And come home refreshed indeed, for that’s a sunday well spent!

Aina Rao
the amblingindian.

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