Black day for Bangalore

A really black day. An innocent child let down by her school.. one of the places that we thought could be trusted.. but sadly, not really so…

The city erupts in protest.. parents, children, citizens, bystanders, all aghast at the crime. When? Where? How ? Why? and so many questions.. but no answers..

A long black procession to the HAL police station brings no relief either. The amblingindian waits in the hot sun, part of the anxious, angry crowd, blocking the roads until the police emerge. The police say “Wait, have faith in us”. Why wait, sir? Isn’t justice delayed, justice denied? Each day lost in this case brings more angst and agony.. Why and how long will people wait for what is right? For criminals to be behind bars, for safety to be a right, for the right to live, to live with dignity and safety?

Sad to say, so lost for words, cannot say more…

Do read via the link below Gruesome story

Aina Rao
A deeply saddened Amblingindian

Author: Aina Rao

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