And so it was …

The Day of Karvachauth*.. An acid test of a day long fast for the husband’s long life, so willingly taken by many “pativrata**” women.
A small quirk though- the trend may be reversing, with Raj Kundra openly declaring his fast for his wife ” Shilpa Shetty”.
Kudos Raj!!
A Challenge – who else is ” ma(r)d  ” enough to fast for his “wife’s long life”?


The Amblingindian

* Karva Chauth- a day long fast observed by some Hindu women , for their husband’s long life – this day, the 22nd of October, 2013. Celebrated with mehendi (  henna) and a ritual of prayer .

**Pati – husband Vrata – a person observing a fast
Mard- Man

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