The ” Innovative” in “India, IIT& IIM….”

Aina at the IITD reunion
We IITians and IIMites (hallowed pass out from the Indian Institutes of Technology and Management) must be the one of the most ingenious of all. After all, there is an “I” in both, right, ” I” for ingenious and ” I” for innovative. Last week, I may have discovered how.
A chance look at all the linked in email subscriptions for daily digests, weekly digests, hourly updates , minute by minute podcasts and what have you, and some futile attempts to clean up the bulk mail (futile as discovered  much later, for these emails are as abundant as cockroaches. Get rid of one and two more magically appear), led  to the long list that is now proudly displayed below. By the way, this is only the ” linked-in ” truncated list- by no means can the original, anacondaic one be reproduced here without the post being eaten up. And this does not  even include Facebook and others. Therefore, only a taster of facebook groups appears below.
So, you see, dear readers- this certainly begets the question: How many PANIIT and Pan IIM associations are there? And this is on top of individual IIM associations. IIMAhmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow and God knows what else. Not to forget IITs and the individual IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Madras ( not yet christened IITC – even though Madras is now officially Chennai), the list goes on and on. By the last count there are some 12- 13 IITs now, pardon my poor General knowledge quotient (GKQ).
Wow ! I got tired of just counting. Well, well, linked in. Bet you are having a hard time too, just getting all the newly formed pan- whatever to find new names. And each one goading me to join, some asking for hard-earned cash, and some others cajoling me to ” just give them an email Address”.. all in all, I’m spoilt for choice now.. the next best thing, ask them to give some cash in return for MY esteemed membership. Ha ha, what says? I for ingenious, I for innovative, I for inimitable (but imitated anyway) and I for India. The Indian Institutes of Innovation, I say.
Aina Rao
The amblingindian.

This post is dedicated to IIT Delhi, the alma mater. You rock- Love you always!!

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